Our Core

We exist to show the world who Jesus really is

Over sixteen years ago I had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ on the heals of my father's repentace of his own sexual sins, that set me free from life long bondages to sin including homosexuality. That night I encountered a love that was greater than anything I had ever experienced and I left everything I knew to follow after Him.

God set me free in an instant but the healing has been a process. The journey hasn't been easy but it has definitely been worth it. As I pursued Jesus and grew in my relationship with Him,  He began to bring healing and restoration to the deepest areas of my soul that would quickly show that Jesus is who He says He is and He will always do what He says He will do. I believe that all things are possible with Jesus. 

 In 2009, God began to speak to me about the harvest on His heart out of the LGBTQ+ community in every nation, tribe, language and people group.  In 2016, God placed this word back in front of me and said, "The time is now."  


Ashley Little - Founder/CEO