Aligned & Equipped Seminars

Encounter God and become vessels of Love & Truth
​Aligned & Equipped Seminars are one day long. They are Gospel centered and hope filled events that are designed to help raise up the body of Christ to be vessels of love and truth to the LGBT+ community and those in our midst that are struggling with unwanted same sex attraction and/or gender dysphoria.  Ashley brings a compassionate yet comprehensive biblical response to the issue of homosexuality and gender identity. 

Key Components

  1. Worship
    Every gathering is centered around God's presence and God encounter. It is in this place that we get His heart and begin to see how He sees.
  2. Teaching/Testimonies
    Topics include: - Ashley's Testimony & Others - Roots of same sex attraction - "Are People Born Gay?' - Hinderance to Love - Strategies & Keys for outreaches and how to reach your loved ones - God's heart and mind on sexuality - 'Why is this important?' - What does healing & transformation look like
  3. Small Group Activation
    You will immediately have the opportunity to put into practice what you learned through our unique small group activation time.
  4. Q&A
    We offer the option to provide an online panel consisting of seasoned leaders, parents and others who have experienced transformation through Jesus in their sexuality and/or their gender identity,

Testimonies From Past Participants

 "It was a wonderful gathering! I kept telling everyone about it, finally I asked God why I was so excited about it…because it was full of hope and redemption." Colorado 
"I had the honor of attending an Aligned & Equipped Seminar.  She is in an outstanding and passionate teacher. She has such a heart for this community, that you could see the love in her eyes and every word that proceeded out of her mouth.... was done with love! She carries an authority in this realm and I am in awe in my own life how greatly the Lord used her. I love her and will be ever grateful! She needs to go city wide, nation wide sharing her knowledge...if you get a chance to attend one of her seminars ... you will be blessed beyond measure! She helped my husband and I and immensely!" Arizona
"I really enjoyed and received much from this conference, I wish that we had more time, because I feel like there was soooooo much more that she had to share. However, what was given was really awesome information. I have ordered some of the resources and continue to feel the Lord leading me somewhere with it all that is not quite defined yet" Colorado 

Host a Seminar 

We believe that it is in the place of encounter with God that we truly get His heart. Each seminar is prayerfully designed and tailored to your group.  

If you would like more information on the seminars and/or want more information on how our team can help serve you, your local church or ministry, click on the link below. 
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